Business model

Business model

We aim to discover unutilized innovative drug seeds in Japan and enhance the flow of drug development through implementation of our business model as a company specialized in conducting the early stage of drug development (non-clinical studies and early-phase clinical trials).

  • Assess and in-license drug seeds for refractory diseases (mainly immune-mediated diseases) with high unmet medical needs which are promising, but are unused in Japanese pharmaceuticals, biotech companies, and academia.
  • Plan and practice best development strategies for maximizing the potential of drug seeds by experienced and professional team.
  • Out-license to a global major pharmaceutical company after quick acquisition of POC* through cost consciousness and speedy decision-making in management.
*An abbreviation of “Proof of Concept,” which is a demonstration with the purpose of verifying the concept of development.

Value creation

We are the first to focus on “unutilized innovative drug seeds in Japan” and promote the project as a pioneer of this business model.
We provide the following value to lead this business model to success.

Value we create

  1. As an ability of “Assessment,” our experts who have much experience in drug discovery research and in-licensing evaluate promising drug seeds.
    We primarily focus on immunology for maximizing “Assessment.”
    Furthermore, through collaboration with “Know-how,” we appropriately evaluate drug seeds from the viewpoint of science and development.
  2. As a “know-how” of drug development, we have the highest level of specialists in non-clinical studies and global clinical development in immune-mediated diseases who have had a lot of experience in major pharmaceutical companies.
    In addition, through collaboration with “Assessment,” we plan and practice best development strategies for maximizing the potential of drug seeds based on accurately grasping their profiles from the time point of in-licensing.
  3. By utilizing close and mutual cooperation among a small number of experts, we practice cost-conscious and speedy decision-making that is difficult in a large corporation.
    We accomplish quick acquisition of POC by full use of strength “Assessment” and “Know-how.”